(Dual Zone : Detection Area up to 180 degree)

DUAL ZONE system reduces false alarms,
making outdoor use more reliable !

DUAL ZONE OUTDOOR PIR OMS-12FE (Dual Zone : Detection Area up to 180 degree)

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DUAL ZONE system

This sensor is equipped with a DUAL ZONE system which initiates an alarm only when detection occurs in both the horizontal and downward zones simultaneously.
This prevents false alarms from distant automobiles or from small animals.

180 degree wide angle coverage

180 degree coverage detection is possible.
90 degree zone either to the left or right can be disabled.

Rain Proof Housing IP54

Rain-proof structure facilitates outdoor installation.
Various mounting position such as wall and pole can be chosen.

Back Tamper

Use of the provided back tamper rubber enables detection of interference with the sensor,
such as attempts to remove it from the mounting surface.

Sensitivity adjustment

Sensitivity can be adjusted between 30% and 170%.

Various Applications

Residential area. Construction Sites. Retail shop Material yard etc.

RoHS certified compliant

Environment friendly. Free from Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyl, Polybrominated diphenyl ether.

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Model OMS-12FE
Detection system Passive infrared
Coverage When horizontal detection
Angle : 180°
Detection distance : 40' (12m)
Horizontal zone : 14zones
Downward zone : 14zones
Coverage adjustment Horizontal : L/R 90°(selectable)
Detection distance : 10'~40' (3m~12m)
(By adjusting vertical angle of downward curtain)
Supply voltage 9 to 28V DC (non-polarity)
Current consumption 20mA MAX.
Alarm output Dry contact relay output N.C./N.O. selectable
*Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC), 0.2A MAX.
(Resistive load)
*Contact operation : Detection time(2sec)
Tamper output Dry contact relay output N.C.
*Contact capacity : 30V (AC/DC), 0.1A MAX.
(Resistive load)
Operation LED Red LED
Blinking When Initialising
Lighting at alarm (option to disable)
Counts selectable switch 1/2/3/4 times (with a switch)
Sensitivity adjustment *Approx. 30% -Approx. 170% (By Potentiometer)
Connection Terminals
Ambient temperature -4°F to + 122°F (-20℃ to + 50℃)
Mounting position Indoor / Outdoor
Ingress protection IP 54(Wall Mount)
Weight 16.5oz (470g)
Appearance Body : AES resin Lens : PE resin
Optional Pole attachment : BP-32

Please note :
This sensor is designed to detect intrusion and to initiate an alarm; it is not a burglary or a crime preventing device.
TAKEX is not responsible for damage, injury or losses caused by accident, theft, Acts of God (including inductive surge by lightning), abuse, misuse, abnormal usage, faulty installation or improper maintenance.

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