Environmental Declaration


We recognize that the global environment protection is one of the most critical issues of human beings, therefore we make our best effort to reduce the environmental load as much as possible.


We promote environmental management system, which is based on the next policy, to reduce all activities, products and services that affect an environment and aim to harmonize with the global environment.

  1. We always recognize that our activities, products and services affect an environment . We promote the prevention of the environmental pollution and continue to improve the environmental activities.
  2. We observe the environment-related law and other requirements.
  3. We make the following items a central theme in environmental activities.
    • (1)reduction of the printing paper consumption
    • (2)reduction of the office supplies consumption
    • (3)reduction of the trash
    • (4)reduction of the industrial waste
    • (5)cleaning around the company and enlightenment
  4. We announce this environmental declaration so that each employee can practice environmental load reduction activities positively.
  5. We participate in local environmental activities based on the partnership of Kyoto Agenda 21 forum actively.

We set goals and review them regularly to achieve the policy above.

Established: Sep 12th, 2005
Revised: Oct 6th, 2008
Takenaka Engineering Co., Ltd.
COO Masahiko Hozumi