Dual Zone : Variable Angle up to 90 degrees

DUAL ZONE system reduces false alarms, making outdoor use more reliable !

DUAL ZONE OUTDOOR PIR FOR WIRELESS TRANSMITTER TX-114SR Dual Zone : Variable Angle up to 90 degrees

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Low Current Consumption

TAKEX TX series of Indoor/Outdoor PIRs exhibit extremely low current consumption while deployed in the field. The advantage of TAKEX models is illustrated below, when considering real installation, in relation to overall consumption (quiescent and alarm condition).

Dual zone system

This sensor is equipped with a Dual zone system which initiates an alarm only when detection occurs in both horizontal and downward zones simultaneously.
No alarm signal is given if only one zone is activated by small animals, vehicles etc.

Rain Proof Housing

Rain-proof structure facilitates outdoor installation.
Various mounting position such as wall and pole can be chosen.

Flexible Battery Choices

・ Lithium Ion batteries are recommended
・ Uses readily available 3 VDC (CR123) to 9VDC batteries
・ Can be configured for shared power operation (sensor + TX)

Proprietary Polymer Formulation

Rated as IP54, Takex engineered Polymer materials, seal out and withstand the effects of harsh environmental conditions. Takex outdoor devices are designed for years of reliable use, even resisting negligible evidence of sun and environmental damage, which can affect long term plastic and sensor viability.

Area Masking Sheet

Customizing coverage or mask unwanted area easily, with the included zone masking sheet.

Sensitivity adjustment

Sensitivity can be adjusted between 30% and 170%.

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Model TX-114SR
Detection system Passive infrared
Coverage When horizontal detection Angle: 90°
Detection distance: 40'(12m)
Horizontal zone: 7 zones
Downward zone: 7 zones
Horizontal: 90 degrees Detection distance:6.6' to 40' (2m to 12m)
(Adjustable by changing the vertical angle of downward curtain)
Supply voltage 3V to 9VDC Alkaline or Lithium Battery
Operation voltage 2.3V to 10VDC
Current consumption 25μA
5mA/3V (Test mode)
Operation Solid State Switch N.C./N.O. selectable 10VDC · 0.01A Max

•Alarm output (Blue wires)
One shot output when detecting objects (approx. 2sec)

•Tamper output (Green wires)
Real time output
· when the cover is detatched from the unit

•Trouble output
Real time output when the unit suffers functional trouble. (from wire of Alarm)
Operation LED Red LED
•Blinking for approx.1min at warming-up
•Lighting for 1sec at detection during walk-test (LED lights only in a test-mode)
•Blinking when trouble alarm is issued (Lights once every 5 sec)
Sensitivity adjustment Approx. 30% to 170% (by rotary switch)
Pulse count Once/Three times selectable (by dip switch)
Alarm prohibition time 10sec/120sec/300sec/900sec selectable (by dip switches)
Ambient temperature -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
Mounting position Indoor/Outdoor [Wall or Pole]
Weight 14.1oz (400g)
Appearance Body: AES resin   Lens: PE resin
Accessories Adhesive sheet :1pc
Mounting screw : 2pcs
Battery holder : 1pc
Area masking sheet : 1pc
Battery leads : 2pcs
Optional Pole attachment (BP-22)

*Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice.

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